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  1. Tony’s Pizza, Pepper Jelly, and Resurrecting a Salad

    January 28, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Again, we don’t have a long blog entry. One reason is because today, both Bapaw and DiDi (the little brother) are sick and sleeping in rooms on either side of the kitchen instead of using common-sense and going into the bedroom and shutting the door like a normal person.

    I did make an excellent pizza last night, though, with diced tomatoes and pepper jelly.

    Yes, you heard me; I used the sweet pepper jelly on my pizza.


    Again, I am surprised at how well sweet things complement the flavors of a pizza. I really want to try a Mediterranean pizza with dates or raisins and spinach and tomatoes. I would be one happy camper, cos I’m almost sure it would turn out great.


    I didn’t season this pizza heavily enough, though; Tony’s Pizza has a very strange taste to it in the crust, and the last time I made a Tony’s Pizza, all the flavors I put into it made the crust taste amazing.

    Maybe more cumin is in order.


    Oh, and I totally surprised Gigi by spicing up her salad; the salad had run out vegetables quickly, and by run out of vegetables, I mean I had taken the scarce tomatoes and onions and used them to make my own delicious taco salad type recipe.


    So I added some of the canned diced tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, cumin, and lemon juice to the mix. Unfortunately, the diced tomatoes turned the salad slightly red, which made Gigi wonder when she ate it.


    Lemon juice is great for perking up slightly wilting vegetables. I always recommend using it.


    Plus, lemon juice adds just the right tang to the salad.


    Now, everyone should know by now that my favorite flavor is umami, the so-called “savory” flavor. My biggest disappointment with eating just veggies or fruits is that they aren’t savory; the same is true for the veggie burgers to a degree.

    I’ve mentioned before that the lack of savory flavor in food is probably one of the biggest hurdles to being a vegetarian for anyone. Meat almost always includes the savory flavor, which causes our mind-bodies to feel more satisfied. Butter and oils are another alternative, along with little secrets like using cumin or meaty-tasting vegetables like mushrooms.


    So, I maybe my next salad will indeed include more cumin so I don’t have drown it in a cream sauce of some sort or add too much cheese.


    Get your nosh on!





  2. Tony’s Pizza, FIXED!

    January 22, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    On a regular cheese Tony’s Pizza, I added onions and chopped green olives, along with cumin, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and parmesan cheese.

    The result was one of the best pizzas I’ve eaten.

    I want some dates soon so I can make a date and tomato pizza. I’m so hungry all the time. Last night, I kept eating and eating and eating, even finally giving into some Raisin Bran because I was so hungry. I have no idea why! I had eaten just fine!

    But we’ve all been feeling crappy again here at Hickory Shade.

    The weather’s been RIDICULOUS.

    My Tony’s pizza, however, stood out as absolutely exemplary. It proves that one can take regular, everyday, store-bought, pre-made food AND make it taste good.

    I need to invest in some good green tea soon and make that a daily ritual.

    My daily haiku idea apparently has failed, no!

    But my mind’s not been working well recently. It’s either some spiritual happening or a collective mind happening or my brain’s getting older and has to have greater amounts of rest for all the processing it does, gah!

    Get your nosh on!