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  1. Of Olives and Eggs

    January 12, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Chopping up a fried egg Gigi made and tossing it into a bowl full of olives = din-din win.

    Peanut butter cake and peanut butter balls are probably the best tasting and worst-for-you foods in existence.


    Gigi made Almost Gumbo yesterday. I call it Almost Gumbo because it contained no shrimp, and the essential Gumbo to me is Shrimp + Okra. I ate a bowl or two, and then it all disappeared when I got home.


    One thing I despise is when a so called “medical professional” goes on a TV show and says something that is demonstrably not the case. I’ve heard them say that “caffeine doesn’t actually wake you up; it just prevents sleeping.”

    Oh, REALLY? I’ve drunk enough coffee and tea in my life to know exactly how caffeine affects my body.

    Have I already gone on this rant this week?


    In fact, the other night, post-Ichiban experience, I had coffee with Chris and Jim because I was beginning to crash, and that cup o’ joe woke my sleepy brain up.

    Experience: busting poor hypotheses every day.