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  1. Three Year Anniversary of Pesco-Vegetarianism for Me!

    February 8, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Wow, happy three-year pesco-vegetarian anniversary to me!

    I didn’t realize that Candlemas/Groundhog Day technically marked my anniversary of becoming a pesco-vegetarian, but apparently, it does, and so here I am, three years later, not having eaten any meat intentionally.


    I say intentionally because I keep finding out certain foods contain gelatin- things like marshmallow and yogurt and things I otherwise am not super-fond of but discover they include animal products that make me sad.


    Never have I regretted becoming pesco-vegetarian; there are slight inconveniences here and there, but for the most part, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.


    The creativity factor is the biggest point that I invoke- I’m constantly forced to think outside the cake box and figure out a new form of recipe or try recipes of which I didn’t conceive.


    Also, vegetarianism as a whole, in practice, is not the stuff I’ve seen online so often where people walk around eating raw sprouts, tofu, and nuts; sure, people eat those things here and there, but they don’t make up the majority of what a good chunk of us eat.

    Except for the hummus, but I mean, who doesn’t love hummus? People that would vote for Hitler, that’s who.

    Speaking of voting, Roseanne Barr is running for president, and I’m voting for her, hands-down. I love Roseanne and watch her old reruns, and now I’ll be seeing her on TV as my new president, yaaaaay!


    I mean if Arnold Schwarzenegger can run California, I’m pretty sure Rosecanne can set the Feds straight.

    Just sayin’.

    Get your nosh on! God knows, Roseanne does.