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  1. Homemade French Onion Dip Really Works

    February 4, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Literally, you need a pack of onion soup and two cups of sour cream.

    Blend those suckers together like you’ve never blended anything and that all reality is contingent upon those elements in that moment.

    And then add chips and serve.

    I tested this recipe out last night; it works, and if you like french onion dip, well, I say get with the program; it’s quick, easy, and better than buying an actual container of the dip. Homemade foods invariably taste better, I think.

    Get your nosh on!


  2. Internet Hell and Candlemas

    February 2, 2012 by The Yum Yum


    Today’s blog mostly will deal with how much I hate the internet sometimes.


    One thing about the online world that I hope you never have to go through is the trek of the “Forgotten Password.”

    “Forgotten Password” happens when you forget your password and then have to sell your first three children into slavery and sacrifice the fourth one to a remote deity in a faraway island in order to regain your password.


    Also, there’s another aspect of the internet I hate: getting stuck in the In-Between.

    The online In-Between happens when you’re something like halfway through a registration process, and the internet goes out, you change your mind, or something along those lines.

    Then you return to that website, either when the net comes back on or when you discover that you need that actual website for some obscure information or product you had no need for a month ago.

    And here we go: the website will tell you that your email address is already registered, and you are completely and utterly without a password.

    This happened to me last night.

    I was given an automated screen name for the site that I had not picked; 9 times out of 10, I have my particular screen names that I use, and seeing some auto-gen gobbledy-gook made me physically ill.


    And there was no password available. None. None at all. I tried again and again to get my password entered, even “resetting it” and so on.

    Nothing. Even when I entered the new, reset password, the website refused to let me in.


    I tried this probably 50 times, literally, and then I just opted to sign up with a different email address.

    And as fate would have it, I had forgotten that email address’s password as well.

    It is amazing, simply amazing, the kind of trouble I will go through to be savvy in my acquisitions.

    Sometimes, I really do feel like running away and becoming a monk somewhere and giving away all my possessions, tossing on a black habit, and then spending the rest of my life in prayer. Technology, while useful, oftentimes causes more trouble than not.

    Just think, were I a monk, I could be the cook in the monastery; God and food, two of my great polygamous love affairs in life, united!


    Anyway, I’m behind on reading my Gypsy Cards for people, I’ve been slacking in meditation at certain points, everyone around me either seems to be sick or going crazy, and I’m casting this glare at God, wondering if my name actually mean “glue that holds everyone together when they go nuts.”

    Gigi made salmon patties and coleslaw again! Yay! The salmon patties are soooo good!

    Also, when I got home, all the ravioli I had cooked had been eaten; I’m glad my family liked it so much. The ravioli is affordable and delicious.

    And now, I need to be making green tea, even if I’m not in the mood to have it to day, oy.


    Happy Candlemas, everyone! Candlemas has a two-fold meaning. First, candles are lit and carried in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and second, the candles represent our calling the warmth of Spring back to us. So the technicality is that today marks the beginning of Spring!


    We haven’t really had a Winter in Alabama this year. We had a few days that were chilly, but it’s mostly been kind of…pleasant.

    One of my friends said that her farmer relative predicted that snow will come soon, recalling that the Winter was this way when it snowed in 1993.

    It’s funny; last year, I complained that it had never been so cold, and this year, I feel quite the opposite; I’ve never had such a warm winter in my life. It’s really felt like an Extended Autumn.

    Well, I’m about to have more salmon patties, and I’ll continue to update and will get back to you on the Mi Tea Set really soon.

    Get your nosh on!






  3. Continuing Updates and a Bit about Rachael Ray

    January 26, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    My great olive experiment has turned out well, in my humble opinion.

    Okay, everyone knows I’m not humble about my opinions; they’re typically pretty solid and well-reasoned, so I do think I have a reason to not have to go to the level of humility.


    Then again, I guess I do like to refrain from asserting that I am absolutely right and that everyone else is wrong. That’s the kind of opinionated perspective that will get one in trouble real quick.


    Anyway, I took a regular jar of olives and added red pepper flakes and cumin.


    They’ve turned out absolutely DELICIOUS!


    For my next trick, I shall add to them sugar, I think, to see what sweet olives might taste like.


    But I may do that with a different jar and not add them to current one swimming with cumin.


    How’s everyone doing this Chinese New Year season? We’re also closing in to Mardi Gras and Lent. ACK! That means Christians have to give up something they like!

    What could I give up? I like so many things- coffee, sugar, salt, ack!


    Maybe I can give up being awake and just sleep through Lent and wake up for an Easter Vigil Mass. I mean, forty nights asleep and then awakening to chocolate, colored eggs, and the Lord Arisen, Indeed sounds like a plan to me.


    The weather’s been messy lately. In fact, on Monday, I was driving and encountered HAIL pelting my car!


    Also, I had a temper tantrum, and my rosary broke. (Yes, I pray when I drive! Don’t judge me!)

    But then, later on, a friend of mine offered me a rosary he actually got while in Rome, blessed by a priest at St. Peter’s Cathedral. YAY! The real deal, I’m so happy!


    That’s one of those situations where I realized that God’s got His (or Its) own rhyme and reason. God takes away lesser things to give to us greater things. (Not that I didn’t enjoy that rosary; it was quite beautiful, and I used it often.)


    That calls to mind the reference Christ makes about how his followers will do even greater miracles than He.

    …spooky, God telling us that we’ll do more than He. Really spooky.


    Today, I watched Rachael Ray, and because Channel 4 News kept interrupting the regularly scheduled programming, I wasn’t able to see everything that she made, but the food looked good; a kind of puff pastry quiche dish that didn’t require actually using such things as cream.


    One day, when I finally have energy to do something again, I’m going to start cooking and posting recipes on here.


    Then again, I don’t actually have to continue enduring the “Post a Day” challenge, but I think it’s a good quota to set for myself to post at least something every day.


    I’m in the mood to cook spinach.

    Get your nosh on.




  4. How to Freeze Rice: A Van Tilden Video

    January 24, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Check it out! 

    Happy Chinese New Year while Van Tilden teaches us to freeze rice!

    Get your nosh on!


  5. Oh, Shrimp and Olives!

    January 14, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    These days, I rarely recommend ramen to many people, just because you can buy other kinds of pasta that are delicioso and make similar dishes.

    But last night, I want something to nosh on, and so I fixed a bowl of ramen, and to it, I added olives and shrimp.


    Oh, and a little soy sauce.


    So. GOOD.


    Ideally, one could do that with other kinds of pasta that are actually made from vegetables and create a really healthy meal.


    Anyway, I just thought I would share my fantastic adventure. What would’ve really been nice: adding Parmesan cheese to the mix. However, I had already put soy sauce in it, and I thought Parmesan and soy sauce wouldn’t go well together.


    I could be wrong.


    It wouldn’t be the first time, and most likely won’t be the last, either.


    I emptied out part of the olive juice and replaced it with pepper juice instead, making the olives spicy. So. Good. Who would’ve thought of spicy olives?

    Tonight, Gigi made dressing and prepared a salad. So I threw in some cheese and olives to the salad, and do you know that it needs nothing else? I can’t imagine putting salad dressing on it at this point; it’s perfect the way it is. It would probably even be really good without the cheese on it.

    Olives make me happy, can you tell?


    But, then, I like salty foods, and I like spicy foods, so my spicy olives make sense on a whole new plane of existence.


    Veggie-Table mentioned recently that she’s a complete grandmaw and gave several reasons for it in her blog, but I can make her feel better because I’m a dude and I’m more a grandmaw than she is, complete with hot teas, rocking chair, and my series of virtual pets. I’m not going to become an old cat lady; I’m going to become an old Tamagotchi lady.

    But the one thing I can guarantee you is that if you visit Veggie-Table or me, we’ll be the grandmaws that make the best food you’ve ever had!

    Now I’m craving gingerbread for some reason, good grief.

    Get your nosh on!




  6. Gumbo, Yo!

    January 13, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Gigi discovered that some of her gumbo was still in the fridge tonight, and we also had salad shrimp.

    I should also note I was in my room and received a phone call…from the HOUSE PHONE…for her to tell me this.


    So, I tossed in the salad shrimp to the gumbo, popped it all in the microwave, and then had a veritable feast.


    My major suggestion would be to use rice or orzo in place of the noodles we were having, and to add crab meat (or imitation crab meat) to the gumbo. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it, yeesh.

    I think I also ate the last of the Peppermint Crunch Andes Mints tonight. They were so good. The Passion Cookie wasn’t quite as stellar, but it wasn’t horrible, either.

    Oh, wait, no, I just checked; there’s one left, but maybe someone else should eat it instead of me.


    Anyway, I apologize again for such a short entry. There’s actually an unsavory situation going on with one of my friends, and so my attention has been split and focusing on it. I’ll have to get in touch with Earle soon so we can begin again the GREAT PUBLIX ADVENTURE OF THE WEEK!


    Get your nosh on!





  7. Of Olives and Eggs

    January 12, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Chopping up a fried egg Gigi made and tossing it into a bowl full of olives = din-din win.

    Peanut butter cake and peanut butter balls are probably the best tasting and worst-for-you foods in existence.


    Gigi made Almost Gumbo yesterday. I call it Almost Gumbo because it contained no shrimp, and the essential Gumbo to me is Shrimp + Okra. I ate a bowl or two, and then it all disappeared when I got home.


    One thing I despise is when a so called “medical professional” goes on a TV show and says something that is demonstrably not the case. I’ve heard them say that “caffeine doesn’t actually wake you up; it just prevents sleeping.”

    Oh, REALLY? I’ve drunk enough coffee and tea in my life to know exactly how caffeine affects my body.

    Have I already gone on this rant this week?


    In fact, the other night, post-Ichiban experience, I had coffee with Chris and Jim because I was beginning to crash, and that cup o’ joe woke my sleepy brain up.

    Experience: busting poor hypotheses every day.






  8. Chinese New Year in Just a Few Weeks!

    January 10, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    French fries and vinegar go well together. So do french fries and ranch dressing.

    I thought I would let everyone know.


    After writing my fantastic restaurant review from yesterday and then falling a bit under the weather AGAIN, I don’t have too terribly much that I can comment on today.


    But I should note that on Sunday, when I was up earlier than usual and visited the local Dollar General, I bought some great peppermint crackle Andes Mints that taste just like peppermint bark.


    You can purchase these at


    They’re also incredibly bad for you, with four of them equaling 200 calories. But they’re so, SO delicious.

    Mainly, I bought them because I thought Bapaw would like them. I’ve thought that for years.

    Also, did I tell everyone about my failed experiment with the coconut hot chocolate? Needless to say, putting the coconut flavoring in my hot chocolate was such a horrible mistake that I don’t think I’ll ever look at coconut the same again.


    Bapaw’s not a fan of coconut and never has been to my knowledge, and now I wonder if my love of coconut cake and flavor has been destroyed by the activation of some latent genes in me. The last several times I’ve had a coconut cake or something made with coconut, it’s been awful.

    Then again, maybe coconut’s one of those things that we should smell and not eat, or maybe it’s a delicate flavor that has to be treated in a specific manner and prepared properly. Who knows?

    I still like the taste of piña coladas, though. I think.

    So, our next BIG holiday coming up is *drum roll, please* CHINESE NEW YEAR! Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival and by various other names in Chinese. In traditional societies, Spring was seen as the beginning of the New Year as opposed to simply January 1st.

    Also, while studying haiku recently, I discovered that traditional societies (including ancient Japan) also understand a season to begin before the equinox or solstice. Rather, the Spring Equinox, for instance, would mark the MIDDLE of the Spring. The Summer Solstice would mark the MIDDLE of the Summer.

    Isn’t that interesting? That’s akin to my idea of how Spring starts on March 1st, Summer on June 1st, Autumn on September 1st, and Winter on December 1st. This idea, of course, is a little more extensive than that. The haiku calendars I saw actually said that February 5th would be the approximate first day of Spring.

    Anyway, back to Chinese New Year. Kelly’s already mentioned our having some kind of get-together, and in fact, I think one of the weekends falls on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

    I. Am. SO. Excited!

    Naturally, we’ll have the theme of Asian food and hanging red things everywhere. Spring rolls and fried rice sound like the beginning to a wonderful evening. Probably no fireworks, though. Maybe I should invest in some red candles!

    More to come.

    Get your nosh on!




  9. Soon to Review Ichiban Sushi in Dothan, AL

    January 8, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Today is my friend Chris’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Chris!

    Tonight, the plan is to go to a new restaurant in town called Ichiban to celebrate Chris’s birthday. Ichiban is, as I understand it, a Chinese restaurant that also features a sushi bar and hibachi.

    Ichiban is the Japanese word for “Number One.” So, if they’ve named their restaurant “Number One,” then they must have confidence in their ability to make good sushi; let’s hope that when I write my restaurant review tomorrow that this proves to be true.

    How’s everyone enjoying the New Year? January’s turned out to be just delightful for me. No zombies, nothing! Even the star-gazing night in the cold was wonderful.


    Lately, I’ve been reading a book called The Teahouse Fire. I bought it for Gigi’s birthday back in 2009, and she never read it. I think that’s partially because I took it to my room after she didn’t read it for so long and planned to read it myself. Well, I finally picked up the book, and it’s amazing; the Japanese tea ceremony is one aspect of Japan into which I have never really looked deeply, oddly enough.

    My friend Drew (famous for his bread on this blog) believes that tea can cure many ills, both of body and soul, and having much tea at Kelly’s Deck, I can attest that there have even been times when I had sinus headaches that tea cured it.

    I asked Gigi last night if we had a tea kettle around the house, and I made the suggestion that having one would be useful. Our family could do with a swap to green tea instead of coffee, I think, at least on most days. The health benefits are immense, they say.

    One night, I would like to have a star-gazing party, or a moon-viewing party, as is sometimes done in Japan. But I also understand this happens most frequently in Japan in the Autumn. So perhaps we can set aside Winter to do star-gazing instead?

    What does everyone think? What kind of foods might one eat at a star-gazing party?

    Get your nosh on!