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  1. Yay, an UPDATE!

    August 24, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Finally, an update from me after several days! Woohoo, time to celebrate!

    Remember the awesome Dante’s Pizza I mentioned that was in Dothan? Yeah, that place is gone. Luckily, we still have one in Slocomb.

    But I haven’t been to that one, either. I also don’t know how well they’re doing.

    I visited Kelly’s house recently, and we had an array of delicious foods. Wes remarked that Kelly’s cooking is quite different than most food you can get anywhere else, and I agree; her food is fresh and different and just full of a different kind of vibe. We had an olive dip along with a delicious saffron rice (I think that’s what it was) and freshly sliced peppers and chunks of cheese.

    Last night, we visited a Chinese restaurant in Dothan, and I ordered my typical dish, Shrimp Lo Mein. The Shrimp Lo Mein seemed fairly typical as far as Chinese restaurant Shrimp Lo Mein goes, and it wasn’t too expensive. (For the combo, which came with an egg roll and a drink, it was only $6 and some odd change.) The pint of Shrimp Lo Mein seemed almost endless as well.

    Also, I’ve been in a really bad mood recently with no real explanation why. Today, I feel like I’m slowly coming out of it, and I joked last night that my MSG levels were simply depleted. I’ve described this angry feeling as the middle of my brain feeling like it’s both dry and on fire all at the same time. It’s quite an unpleasant feeling, and I don’t wish it on anyone. My body’s full of a weird kind of adrenaline, so I’m either going to end up injured or in jail at some point in the near future if I don’t learn to control the fury!!!

    Now, everyone, go get your nosh on!


  2. From Okra to Orthodoxy

    June 4, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Okay, I seriously hope I’m not running out of steam within writing my food blog. It seems as though it’s been ages since I’ve actually cooked something, and now the Great Publix Adventure that occurs every week has been indefinitely postponed as we seem to aim for pizza as it’s more convenient.

    We’re still eating on the food leftover from Gigi’s Homecoming. I discovered last night the delicious nature of mixing together squash dressing and okra. The fact that I’m loving all this Southern food seriously disturbs me, as it means that my parents’ genes are slowly activating within me, and that fated reality of every person is appearing: I’m becoming my parents!

    Of course, the reality is that my parents aren’t terrible people, so it’s not a terrible thing to become like them or anything. I’m just shocked that I would end up liking Southern food as much as I do.

    But this may also be the fact that I’m getting older and am highly fed up with processed foods in general. Our entire society seems to be so shallow and over-processed in general that my inner crankiness is manifesting early on in life. I’m not nihilistic and suggesting that life is without purpose or meaning, but I am criticizing the skanky, shallow portrayels and manifestations of it.

    Sometimes, I just want to walk to my front door, look at the world, and scream at the top of my lungs, “WHAT THE *BLEEP* IS GOING ON HERE?”

    I also frequently feel so ill-tempered that the characterization of me by my friends that I should be a nun is not far off. People say that I remind them of how a nun is- peaceful, serene, religious, and such- and I reply that I would be the nun who smacks other people with the ruler. In fact, there are many people I hear running their mouths on a daily basis that I think should be smacked with a ruler, including some of my relatives who would do better off not sending me their junk emails. (This is not a reference to Gigi, but you others, watch out- I have a ruler!) :)

    Also, I think I would look good in a habit. 

    Unfortunately, being male, I’m not a candiate for joining up with the nuns and would have to become a monk. If I could acquire an Orthodox monk’s habit, I would still resemble a nun, as the monks’ habits typically have a hood that goes with them. Once again, I defeat the System.

    And then I would equip my ruler and begin the smacking of ignorant people, of which there would be quite a few. I already predict that my arm would be tired, so my monastery would need to hire a full-time masseuse to keep my arm from sustaining permanent injury. I could also charge per smack, so $5 per smack would rack up the dough pretty fast.

    Then my monastery and I could open a business- a restaurant- where you could be smacked to salvation and get a good dinner all at the same time. “Brother Maria Sophia’s Southern Food Smackdown” where you get good food and the Gospel all in one stop: everything from okra to Orthodoxy.

    We could also have pro-wrestling on TV at the same time.

    Can I get an “amen”?

    Now, go get your nosh on!



  3. Salmon Patties

    May 10, 2012 by The Yum Yum


    The best way to eat a salmon patty is with a slice of tomato on top of it.



    Of course, you can also make ketchup smiley faces for the kids, but I think the single slice of tomato really brings out the true flavor of the salmon patty.



    I wonder if it’s possible to also salmon patties with diced tomatoes and squash already mixed in. This is something I will speak to Gigi about.



    Few things in life make the world instantly a better place than a mug of hot tea and a plate full of salmon patties. Better still, topping the patty with tomato is like putting a little hat on Jesus or something; it just makes everything so friendly and happy.



    That is all.



    Get your nosh on!










  4. The Good Dog

    April 28, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Good grief, where has the time gone? I keep forgetting to post blogs, but I’m luckily not on the Post a Day challenge this year, moohaha.


    I got some good veggie dogs the other night called “The Good Dog.” They tasted good boiled, and I tried to make the remainder today in the non-stick skillet, but they didn’t cook as well that way; they tasted okay, just a little undercooked. I didn’t want to cook them much longer because the skin on the outside of them was bubbling in quite an odd way, ack!


    I’ll post pictures of my Confirmation Cake soon, too, and everyone will then see what my real name, gah!


    Get your nosh on!



  5. The Answer to My Prayers: Brie and Ciabatta Bread with Red Wine

    March 17, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Happy St. Patrick’s day! Yay for no more snakes in Ireland; now, if only Gigi could pray to St. Patrick to intercede for her and cast out all the snakes in Alabama, she’d be in business, thank ya much.

    I have a half a mind to break this blog into two entries because there’s so much to post. So, I’ll post about the wine, brie, and ciabatta bread first.

    First, the wine! It’s a red wine, though I can’t remember what type. I’m not a drinker, so I’ll probably make a horrible Episcopalian, but that’s beside the point. I know that the Blood of Christ is made from Port Wine, and I know that Port is yummy. Blood of God = yummy, that’s all Beaux needs to know on that front.

    Anyway, here we go!

    This isn’t a glass that was emptied of red wine; this was literally how much I had. I really had the wine just to sample it with the cheese and bread- a taste of wine, followed by a bite of cheese, that sort of thing.

    See, the Brie, which had been half-way consumed at this time, is lurking behind it. Also, the glass looks kind of dirty, but it wasn’t- mostly, it was just flecks of wine that were around in it.

    Look at that gorgeous blue cheese in there.

    I like the strange, criss-cross design on it.

    Brie without blue cheese. I also ate most of this.

    And the masterful recipe: brie on ciabatta bread. Absolutely delicious; you could make grilled cheese with this and make friends with everyone person to whom you fed it.

    Thanks for reading, everyone, as usual. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss more about the Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins.

    Get your nosh on!


  6. A Lent Not Lean

    March 16, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Chris, Jim, and David obliged my desire for brie cheese and ciabatta bread.

    I ate almost the entirety of both rounds of brie cheese. One had blue cheese in it; the other was the typical brie.


    Creamy, delicious, with a slight, indescribable tang to it.


    So, needless to say, if eating creamy, delicious cheese during Lent is sinful, I am going to roast in Hell on a special spit as Satan’s BBQ.


    I’m glad I gave up chocolate and not cheese; chocolate’s been slightly inconvenient, while giving up cheese would be outright mortification of the flesh. (Veggie Table and Place of Many Trees chose this route with their Lenten vows of bread and pizza.)


    The big question came around to this: why would I crave brie in particular? I enjoy cheese as a whole, but I’ve never had a cheese specifically that made me crave it so very much. What does one do in such a case?


    Doesn’t a craving typically indicate a kind of lack of nutrients or vitamins? I checked the nutritional content of brie and couldn’t find anything that I don’t already get from my multivitamins.


    Anyway, I have wonderful pictures from our deeelicious dinner last night that included a variety of good things in addition to the ciabatta bread and brie, so look forward to the blog that will make you hungry and envious and inspire gluttony all in the same breath!


    Get your nosh on!





  7. Beaux’s Faux Sticky Rice

    February 3, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Prepare rice as normal.

    Around the last two minutes of steaming, remove the lid, keep the heat on, and stir the rice; it will become sticky in a mock-Asian sticky rice sort of way.

    Get your nosh on!


  8. Beaux’s Sauce

    January 29, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    What you need:

    • A can of tomato sauce or the sauce of your choosing
    • A half cup of cream cheese
    • A half cup of parmesan cheese
    • Half a stick of butter
    • A tablespoon of garlic salt
    • A tablespoon of dried celery OR a teaspoon of celery seed


    What you do:


    1. Heat the sauce in a skillet over medium heat.
    2. Add the spices.
    3. Add the cream cheese and butter, stirring until they’ve melted sufficiently into the sauce.
    4. Add the parmesan cheese and stir vigorously.
    5. Serve over noodles of your choice.


    I have a philosophy in life about cooking pasta: there should always be a balance between the amount of pasta you have and the amount of sauce you have.

    Balance in this case means that you should have more sauce than pasta.

    Remember it this way: you should serve pasta IN a sauce, but not DROWNING in a sauce. In other words, if you have to play “find the noodles,” then you’ve made a soup with pasta in it, not pasta in a sauce.

    Second, you should serve pasta IN a sauce, not SAUCE ON TOP OF PASTA. 

    Yes, this goes for spaghetti, too.

    Repeat after me:

    Serve pasta IN a sauce, not DROWNING IN a sauce.

    Serve PASTA in a SAUCE, not SAUCE on PASTA.

    I’ve had too many encounters in my life where someone would make a pot of noodles the size of the backwards state of Texas but then make a tiny pot of sauce the size of one of the many tiny New England area states, as though the sauce were simply some kind of optional topping for spaghetti.

    Now, there are pasta dishes that don’t require sauce; I’m not addressing those. 

    Anyway, my sauce above? Yeah. Paula Deen would be proud. 

    Just sayin’.

    I almost went all out by tossing an ENTIRE stick of butter in the mix, but even I thought that would be too rich with the cream cheese. Refraining was a good idea; the sauce turned out PERFECT.

    Jim’s right; Paula Deen cheats in her cooking, and I’m here to cheat with her, moohahhahaa.

    Get your nosh on!




  9. Tony’s Pizza, Pepper Jelly, and Resurrecting a Salad

    January 28, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Again, we don’t have a long blog entry. One reason is because today, both Bapaw and DiDi (the little brother) are sick and sleeping in rooms on either side of the kitchen instead of using common-sense and going into the bedroom and shutting the door like a normal person.

    I did make an excellent pizza last night, though, with diced tomatoes and pepper jelly.

    Yes, you heard me; I used the sweet pepper jelly on my pizza.


    Again, I am surprised at how well sweet things complement the flavors of a pizza. I really want to try a Mediterranean pizza with dates or raisins and spinach and tomatoes. I would be one happy camper, cos I’m almost sure it would turn out great.


    I didn’t season this pizza heavily enough, though; Tony’s Pizza has a very strange taste to it in the crust, and the last time I made a Tony’s Pizza, all the flavors I put into it made the crust taste amazing.

    Maybe more cumin is in order.


    Oh, and I totally surprised Gigi by spicing up her salad; the salad had run out vegetables quickly, and by run out of vegetables, I mean I had taken the scarce tomatoes and onions and used them to make my own delicious taco salad type recipe.


    So I added some of the canned diced tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, cumin, and lemon juice to the mix. Unfortunately, the diced tomatoes turned the salad slightly red, which made Gigi wonder when she ate it.


    Lemon juice is great for perking up slightly wilting vegetables. I always recommend using it.


    Plus, lemon juice adds just the right tang to the salad.


    Now, everyone should know by now that my favorite flavor is umami, the so-called “savory” flavor. My biggest disappointment with eating just veggies or fruits is that they aren’t savory; the same is true for the veggie burgers to a degree.

    I’ve mentioned before that the lack of savory flavor in food is probably one of the biggest hurdles to being a vegetarian for anyone. Meat almost always includes the savory flavor, which causes our mind-bodies to feel more satisfied. Butter and oils are another alternative, along with little secrets like using cumin or meaty-tasting vegetables like mushrooms.


    So, I maybe my next salad will indeed include more cumin so I don’t have drown it in a cream sauce of some sort or add too much cheese.


    Get your nosh on!





  10. Continuing Updates and a Bit about Rachael Ray

    January 26, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    My great olive experiment has turned out well, in my humble opinion.

    Okay, everyone knows I’m not humble about my opinions; they’re typically pretty solid and well-reasoned, so I do think I have a reason to not have to go to the level of humility.


    Then again, I guess I do like to refrain from asserting that I am absolutely right and that everyone else is wrong. That’s the kind of opinionated perspective that will get one in trouble real quick.


    Anyway, I took a regular jar of olives and added red pepper flakes and cumin.


    They’ve turned out absolutely DELICIOUS!


    For my next trick, I shall add to them sugar, I think, to see what sweet olives might taste like.


    But I may do that with a different jar and not add them to current one swimming with cumin.


    How’s everyone doing this Chinese New Year season? We’re also closing in to Mardi Gras and Lent. ACK! That means Christians have to give up something they like!

    What could I give up? I like so many things- coffee, sugar, salt, ack!


    Maybe I can give up being awake and just sleep through Lent and wake up for an Easter Vigil Mass. I mean, forty nights asleep and then awakening to chocolate, colored eggs, and the Lord Arisen, Indeed sounds like a plan to me.


    The weather’s been messy lately. In fact, on Monday, I was driving and encountered HAIL pelting my car!


    Also, I had a temper tantrum, and my rosary broke. (Yes, I pray when I drive! Don’t judge me!)

    But then, later on, a friend of mine offered me a rosary he actually got while in Rome, blessed by a priest at St. Peter’s Cathedral. YAY! The real deal, I’m so happy!


    That’s one of those situations where I realized that God’s got His (or Its) own rhyme and reason. God takes away lesser things to give to us greater things. (Not that I didn’t enjoy that rosary; it was quite beautiful, and I used it often.)


    That calls to mind the reference Christ makes about how his followers will do even greater miracles than He.

    …spooky, God telling us that we’ll do more than He. Really spooky.


    Today, I watched Rachael Ray, and because Channel 4 News kept interrupting the regularly scheduled programming, I wasn’t able to see everything that she made, but the food looked good; a kind of puff pastry quiche dish that didn’t require actually using such things as cream.


    One day, when I finally have energy to do something again, I’m going to start cooking and posting recipes on here.


    Then again, I don’t actually have to continue enduring the “Post a Day” challenge, but I think it’s a good quota to set for myself to post at least something every day.


    I’m in the mood to cook spinach.

    Get your nosh on.