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  1. Hairspray and Applebee’s Breadsticks

    April 20, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    For those of you who are unaware, Wallace Community College’s theatre and music department is performing “Hairspray” tonight and tomorrow night. (They also performed last night as well.)


    For those of you who are skeptical about going to see the play, I strongly encourage you to somehow reconsider because of how freakin’ amazing it was!


    Never mind that I know the people playing the lead roles (and some of the other roles) and that I’m partially writing this blog to advertise for them. This group of students did a truly outstanding job; the theatre was so packed that all the seats in the auditorium were taken and folding chairs had to be set out.


    After the show, we went to eat at Applebee’s. I had predicted we would go out to eat, and with only five dollars in cash in my pocket (well, seven if you count the coins), I knew choosing an item on the menu would be loads of fun.


    The Applebee’s adventure really pushed me to my spendthrift edge, and my careful, watchful eye discovered a treasure buried skillfully within the Applebee’s menu. For only $1.99, one could have bread sticks with one’s meal!


    So, I tested the waters with our server and asked if I could order just the bread sticks. Never mind that the bread sticks were only four in number, or that I paid roughly a little over fifty cents for each of them; I beat the menu, the restaurant, the system!


    It would’ve helped not having a tremendous stress headache manifesting as a stabbing pain behind my right eye, but you can’t win everything.


    I really liked the energy at Applebee’s, and it happened to be karaoke night, so I couldn’t hear myself think while I was being blinded with the headache.


    But one thing is for sure, and Caleb was the one who warned us: the service at Applebee’s is not top-notch. First, the host was rude to our large party instead of trying to work with us. Second, our server was slow and just kind of…stopped…a few times to talk to her friends or whatever.


    Now, given, the place was packed, and she did forewarn us that she was picking up tables that weren’t in her section. And that’s fine. But being steadily busy and drifting off to sit down to talk with your friends are two totally different things.


    As for the food, I think I all around like Applebee’s selections better than Friday’s. I felt like the menu had more items on it that were vegetarian friendly. Caleb and Seth ordered an appetizer of the Potato Twisters, which are literally potatoes that have been cut into twisty shapes and seasoned. One of the interesting flavors of the Twisters was the splash of lime that had been added to them at some point.


    The Potato Twisters came with the Queso Blanco, a spicy cheese dip that was surprisingly good. The Queso Blanco can also be an appetizer on its own, served with tortilla chips.


    The bread sticks were so-so. I could make better for myself.


    As a child, I remember ordering the Mozzarella Sticks at Applebee’s, almost like clockwork. I had sit and think for a second about what my favorite food there was in childhood. Luckily, I’m far more adventurous now.


    So, I would check out Applebee’s again for the chance to try some of their great food and the fun, bar-like atmosphere (people in the audience were singing along to the karaoke songs), but I would avoid them for the poor service.


    Also, I forgot my rating scale on here. I’ll have to officially establish it one day.


    Go get your nosh on!



  2. Carboholism: It’s a Family Thing

    July 14, 2011 by The Yum Yum

    By now, most of you, or all of you, should know that my family is genetically predisposed to a form of eating disorder I’ve informally dubbed “carboholism.” This means that we’re carboholics, and carboholics just love carbohydrates. We can’t get enough of them. The absolute perfect meal consists of a macaroni and cheese baked into a sandwich and served with a side of mashed potatoes and breadsticks, all topped off with having a bowl of cereal. If you think this is a joke, you had better think again.

    I will prove the skeptical wrong by admitting that I stopped after that first paragraph in order to grab the last of my Italian breadsticks and start munching on them. These taste superior to potato chips- light, crunchy, and fun to eat. Maybe I’ve succumb to marketing for adults. Woe is me.

    Now another breadstick has just met its fate. You all think I’m joking, but I’m really, actually, truly not.

    My family has a problem.

    Gigi’s problem is well documented and goes back several years to incident that confirmed she indeed has no escape from her love of bread. I went with my friend Lizzy and her mother on an outing to various places one day, and one location had baked goods that they were about to throw out- perfectly good bread that could still be eaten but had to, according to their rules, be tossed.

    Lizzy’s mother wasn’t having it, and so she obtained the bread- huge bagfuls of various kinds of bread which they gladly shared with me, and which I gladly brought home.

    My newfound glory came as I entered Hickory Shade bearing in arms great bundles of joy baked from every grain and kind of bread possible, filling our kitchen to the brim with the delicious, fluffy breads.

    Actually, many of them were quite hard and bland, but that’s beside the point- these were carbs, good, solid, real carbs, and they were absolutely free, and we had saved the people from wasting them. Again, this makes us heroes, and we won. We won so hard that day that we practically created all the awesome sauce in the world for the next two weeks.

    This happened the weekend of Spring Break in my junior year of high school.

    So, fast-forward a few months into the future, and Sarah, Lizzy, and Samantha had all gone shopping with me, and we brought in whatever we had bought that day.

    Gigi walks into the room.

    “Where’s the bread?”

    My friends looked from me to Gigi back to me. I looked at Gigi, puzzled.

    I had no idea what she was talking about. We hadn’t been sent out for bread.

    She said, “I just thought you might have some bread.”

    My friends looked from Gigi back to me back to Gigi this time.

    As I pressed the issue further, I realized that she had been suffering from the day’s bout with carboholism. The sheer overwhelming bliss created by God’s random grace of carbohydrate heaven on us a few months earlier had so steeped in Gigi’s nerves that the slightest crinkling sound had reminded her of that ecstasy and brought her into the kitchen in expectation that God’s great bounty had indeed returned and was surely a sign of Divine Providence and not just a random coincidence within the universal scheme.

    Now, you’re probably all sitting there, chuckling to yourself, saying, “Oh, chuckle chuckle, me, chuckle, Gigi is just a silly goose.”

    Be not deceivéd- the carboholism is a strong set of genes. If I catch a whiff of yeast rolls, I will shank the nearest old lady, steal her purse, and run to buy as many as I can with the money allotted in the purse I just stole.

    Again you are laughing, but Betty Sue Mills is not.

    Cooking speaks to us in a way that requires us to use carbs in everything. Can you imagine making Italian food without some kind of carbohydrate? No noodles? No breads? No potatoes? Would the food even be Italian at that point???

    Carbs do us a great favor. They give us a “filler” of sorts to which the rest of the food we’re cooking can adhere. Noodles aren’t so great all by themselves- they at least need some kind of broth, some kind of friend to go along with them. Likewise with the veggies that we might normally enjoy. Stacking a tomato on top of an onion and adding some lettuce could quickly become messy without some sandwich bread or toast!

    So carboholism isn’t a totally horrible thing.

    But again, watch yourself around me and make sure not to get me too terribly close to any bread factories while you’re with me. If you have no children to sell or purses to steal, I will likely take out a life insurance policy on you just to get bread.

    What’s even more fun is carboholism that involves carbs and sugar. Donuts are essentially fried dough with a sugar glaze on them. Cinnamon rolls are carbs baked with cinnamon, butter, and sugar, and often covered in a glaze of sugar.

    Count. Me. In.

    And brownies? Brownies are carbs with chocolate. Chocolate. CHOCOLATE!

    Need I say more?