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Of Christmas and Hello Kitty

December 22, 2013 by The Yum Yum

Well, here I am again, completely slacking in writing this blog. I should establish a schedule for myself in the near future so that in 2014, I write on a more frequent basis.

Sometimes, I think about closing this blog. I should be writing about food, about cooking, and, well…

I always forget to. Or I don’t cook anything. Or I eat a Hot Pocket, and who cares if I ate that?

I asked Chris if he would buy me a pocket calendar so I can start charting my moods and mood swings. They happen too often, they happen for reasons that Chris has pointed out are largely minimal compared to some things that go on, and I also have headaches for no apparent reason.

Chris writes down a lot of things on his big calendar; he likes lists and charts because he has adult ADD, and that helps him to focus.

So, with this little calendar that we bought, I’m going to write down all my mood swings and moods to see if there’s a pattern- to see if it happens every so many days, if there are any triggers, and so on.

I chose a Hello Kitty-themed pocket calendar.

To my delight, the calendar is a two-year calendar that includes THIS year’s December- so, for $5.99, it was a GREAT investment.

Then, today, something dawned on me slowly- Gigi used to buy my brother and me Hello Kitty calendars (the full-blown wall calendars) every year for Christmas when we were kids. Well, maybe not EVERY years, but I know we got them several years in a row. The calendars included awesome stickers that were used, say, for one’s birthday and so on.

Those calendars are also how I found out that other holidays, such as Epiphany and Chanukah and so are existed, though I remember pronouncing it “Chah-NOOK-uh” because I had no idea what it was.

Anyway, Hello Kitty may be deemed girly by some people, but she’s a worldwide phenomenon and an emblem of Japan, and Sanrio makes several characters for boys.

This situation MAY be an example of how the unconscious mind works- did I chose that calendar because Gigi used to get us Hello Kitty calendars for Christmas, and it’s only a few days until Christmas??? Or do I just generally like Hello Kitty and jumped at the chance to own a pocket calendar that featured her on it?

I have no idea.

Well, after we went shopping, we went to eat at Chili’s. Chris’s brother had given him a gift card for Christmas which Chris had already opened, and so he used that to pay for our meal.

I had a side dish as my meal, the Southwestern Mac’n'Cheese which consisted of macaroni and cheese with poblano peppers and crunchy bread crumbs on top. The peppers gave the macaroni and cheese the perfect level of heat- remember, spiciness complements creaminess well as long as the creaminess slightly overpowers the spiciness.

The Southwestern Mac’n'Cheese pleasantly surprised me because Chili’s rarely offers anything that I can actually eat or really like. Oh, and even better, my delicious bowl perfectly sized for me cost less than $3.

To add to the wonder, Chris didn’t finish his last shrimp taco, and he offered it to me. Oh, come ON, now; that’s not even fair! It was so delicious, that spicy shrimp taco. We’ll be definitely be going back to Chili’s.

Tathan had a grilled cheese and French fries. Chris took a bite of Tate’s finished sandwich, grimaced, and said, “Yours are better.”

I responded, “I know.”

So TODAY we went shopping again, and good grief! The weather was warm when we left, but we walked out of the mall, and PC’s weather had gone beyond warm to HOT. Ridiculous! Christmas is in a few days, and we have 80 degree weather outside. What kind of world is this???

I’m hopeful for 2014, guys. Maybe everyone who’s trying to get their lives on track will be able to do so. I hope I can.



  1. Gigi says:

    That is a very good idea to track your moods/headaches/other! Hoping you can get a pattern established and maybe find the causation of these! Hesitate to say what could be triggering them (ex. Foods) so maybe this will be a way to find a solution!

    • The Yum Yum says:

      Yeah, it’s really the only thing left to do. One of my friends said that while I’m not showing the full-blown symptoms of bipolar disorder, the mood swings and their extremity are still on the spectrum of what happens.

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