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November 21, 2013 by The Yum Yum

I write a food blog, remember?

Get it together, Beaux! What’s WRONG with you? Here we are, almost to Thanksgiving, and only one blog this month?

So much for daily blogging or weekly blogging.

We went to Beef O’Brady’s again this past Saturday to watch the fights. Well, they’ve added a new item to the menu: fried pickles!

I love fried pickles!

At B.O.B’s, they’re referred to as “Hand-breaded Pickle Chips” and come with ranch dressing.

Okay, let me tell you…these were awful.


Yes, I ate them all because I was hungry.

The pickles were sliced too thinly and the breading was not cooked long enough. I expected to bite into a delicious, crispy, somewhat salty snack with a sour punch on the inside.

Instead, I got a slightly done crust with a withered, dried out pickle on the inside.

Not cool, man.

The ranch was good, though.

We’re doing Thanksgiving at a Chinese restaurant this year; believe it or not, I’m not all that disappointed with this because technically Thanksgiving is an excuse to have a homemade mini-buffet anyway.

I lovingly refer to Thanksgiving as “Month Early Christmas Practice Dinner.”

Also, it’s “Greedy Eve” as it comes before Black Friday, also known as Greed Day.

Places are opening earlier and earlier each year- no longer at midnight but now at like 6 PM on Thanksgiving.

Christmas is coming up soon, and Christmas is easily my favorite holiday and pretty much always has been; I can’t see how it would be otherwise. I don’t get people who say that other holidays are their favorite…Halloween is kind of the second closest, and I usually have a really good Halloween, but Christmas has so much more to do.

Christmas has definite songs, rituals, and foods- the atmosphere is more well-defined than Halloween.

Years ago, I knew people who didn’t celebrate Christmas, and I don’t mean folks who were of a different religion- people who were just kind of snotty and thought not celebrating Christmas was just so darn non-conformist and cool.

I was open-minded about that back then, but now I think they’re blithering idiots. Christmas is a reason to be kind to others and to yourself!

Once, I walked into the mall in Dothan and ran into an acquaintance. He said something like, “Oh, so you’re here to mock all those indulging in corporate greed and brainwashing, too?”

I responded, “No, I’m here to do some Christmas shopping.”

More later.



  1. Gigi says:

    I have only had fried pickles one time in my life and they were very good…very expensive but well worth the price!
    Soooo I take it that y’all are not coming to Hickory Shade for Thanksgiving?
    And for Christmas, I think I am going to send a check to St. Jude’s for the know how you can send $19.00 a month and all that? I am going to do a once-a-year check in our names…what do you think about that?
    Also love the ‘comeback’ about your doing some Christmas shopping!

    • The Yum Yum says:

      Sending a check to St.Jude’s sounds GREAT to me.

      We weren’t planning on visiting Hickory Shade unless you really, really want us to, and you have to remember that Tate is a picky eater, so he’s going to want chicken nuggets besides.

  2. Lizzy says:

    I’ve tried fried pickles in several restaurants and I just don’t like them. I don’t care for breaded and fried vegetables either. I just don’t like them. And as for Black Friday, I don’t leave the house. We might play outside in the yard or possibly go to the park but we aren’t going to the store. The only store you may possibly find us in on Black Friday is the grocery store and that’s if we are out of milk or something. On Thanksgiving, we don’t go anywhere either. Family comes to our house and we eat and play board games then everyone goes back home and I fall asleep watching a movie. I avoid the rush of people and waiting until Christmas to actually Christmas shop. We’re nearly done Christmas shopping and that’s how we like it.

    • The Yum Yum says:

      That sounds like a great Thanksgiving to me.

      You do your Christmas shopping correctly, I think. I’m almost done Christmas shopping, too, but that’s because the presents are going to Christopher and my family, and that’s IT!

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