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Internet Hell and Candlemas

February 2, 2012 by The Yum Yum


Today’s blog mostly will deal with how much I hate the internet sometimes.


One thing about the online world that I hope you never have to go through is the trek of the “Forgotten Password.”

“Forgotten Password” happens when you forget your password and then have to sell your first three children into slavery and sacrifice the fourth one to a remote deity in a faraway island in order to regain your password.


Also, there’s another aspect of the internet I hate: getting stuck in the In-Between.

The online In-Between happens when you’re something like halfway through a registration process, and the internet goes out, you change your mind, or something along those lines.

Then you return to that website, either when the net comes back on or when you discover that you need that actual website for some obscure information or product you had no need for a month ago.

And here we go: the website will tell you that your email address is already registered, and you are completely and utterly without a password.

This happened to me last night.

I was given an automated screen name for the site that I had not picked; 9 times out of 10, I have my particular screen names that I use, and seeing some auto-gen gobbledy-gook made me physically ill.


And there was no password available. None. None at all. I tried again and again to get my password entered, even “resetting it” and so on.

Nothing. Even when I entered the new, reset password, the website refused to let me in.


I tried this probably 50 times, literally, and then I just opted to sign up with a different email address.

And as fate would have it, I had forgotten that email address’s password as well.

It is amazing, simply amazing, the kind of trouble I will go through to be savvy in my acquisitions.

Sometimes, I really do feel like running away and becoming a monk somewhere and giving away all my possessions, tossing on a black habit, and then spending the rest of my life in prayer. Technology, while useful, oftentimes causes more trouble than not.

Just think, were I a monk, I could be the cook in the monastery; God and food, two of my great polygamous love affairs in life, united!


Anyway, I’m behind on reading my Gypsy Cards for people, I’ve been slacking in meditation at certain points, everyone around me either seems to be sick or going crazy, and I’m casting this glare at God, wondering if my name actually mean “glue that holds everyone together when they go nuts.”

Gigi made salmon patties and coleslaw again! Yay! The salmon patties are soooo good!

Also, when I got home, all the ravioli I had cooked had been eaten; I’m glad my family liked it so much. The ravioli is affordable and delicious.

And now, I need to be making green tea, even if I’m not in the mood to have it to day, oy.


Happy Candlemas, everyone! Candlemas has a two-fold meaning. First, candles are lit and carried in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and second, the candles represent our calling the warmth of Spring back to us. So the technicality is that today marks the beginning of Spring!


We haven’t really had a Winter in Alabama this year. We had a few days that were chilly, but it’s mostly been kind of…pleasant.

One of my friends said that her farmer relative predicted that snow will come soon, recalling that the Winter was this way when it snowed in 1993.

It’s funny; last year, I complained that it had never been so cold, and this year, I feel quite the opposite; I’ve never had such a warm winter in my life. It’s really felt like an Extended Autumn.

Well, I’m about to have more salmon patties, and I’ll continue to update and will get back to you on the Mi Tea Set really soon.

Get your nosh on!






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