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Happy Birthday, Gigi! And It’s National Coffee Day, Too! AND Michaelmas!

September 29, 2011 by The Yum Yum

Once again, my family’s disorganization has been somewhat counterbalanced by my preemptive planning. This is why I gave Gigi her birthday present a few weeks early, because I intuitively knew that something was going awry otherwise. This translates to Bapaw telling me to get Gigi a card as I’m leaving last night to go to a friend’s house- not to get Gigi a card while I was on the way to the store previously that day, but when I’m actually going to have a serious discussion with someone.

Then my brother whose codename on this blog is Willy (or Pickles or something) decided to usurp my cake idea and get Gigi a red velvet cake instead of a caramel cake (as I had planned), but that’s also fine, too. Gigi gets a good cake, and everyone’s happy. Bapaw doesn’t seem particularly concerned with the card for Gigi, and to be frank, neither does Gigi.

Gigi drinks her coffee black, I drink my coffee with milk and sometimes sweetener, and Bapaw drinks his coffee beaten and reheated and beaten some more.

See how we fit into the various percentages of coffee drinkers in the USA.  

In addition, today is the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels. The official list of archangels varies according to the Church- the Roman Catholic Church lists St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael, while the Anglican Communion (including the Episcopal Church of the USA) lists St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, and St. Uriel. This holiday is also known as Michaelmas, which is pronounced like MICK-ul-mas, and takes place each year on September 29, Gigi’s birthday!

Some lore about St. Michael:

St. Michael is patron of knights, policemen, soldiers, paramedics, ambulance drivers, etc., and also danger at sea, for the sick, and of a holy death. He is usually depicted in art carrying a sword and/or shield, battling Satan.

I should also point out that on the scapulars, Michael’s usually crushing Satan or stabbing him.

More interesting information from that above website:

Today is also one of the 4 English “Quarter Days,” days which fall around the Equinoxes or Solstices and mark the beginnings of new natural seasons (i.e., Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) and which were used in medieval times to mark “quarters” for legal purposes, such as settling debts. The other days like this are: Lady Day (the Feast of the Annunciation) on March 25, the Feast of St. John on June 24, and Christmas on December 25.

Apparently, one of the traditional dishes to eat on this day is a blackberry crumble, but I read elsewhere that the lore says the blackberries cannot be picked on this day. The legend goes that when St. Michael hurled Satan out of Heaven and onto Earth, Satan crash-landed in a blackberry bush and cursed it for having been stuck with the bramble.

Let’s hope Bapaw doesn’t forget his and Gigi’s anniversary on October 12th, or she may hurl him out of the house.

SEIZE THE DAY! One day, I’ll figure out something better to say that Carpe Diem at this point.



  1. Gigi says:

    Ah, just a typical day, week, month, year here at Hickory Shade.
    But I really did love the card that you chose. Thank you (and yes, I still love my early b’day present); in fact, Mimi borrowed it this morning cause she had not read it.
    He won’t forget our Anniversary; remember, that is Kaydee’s 2nd birthday!

    • enamouredslave says:

      Oh, I didn’t realize. Yeah, my birthday was perfunctory as well, but nobody knew about it. I arranged it that way, though.

  2. Gigi says:

    Oh, and everyday is coffee day for me w/o it having to be a national day.
    Go to and see where someone told him that today was my birthday and he announced it to all his readers!

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