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a May 15th, 2012

  1. Dog Gone and an Angry, Sarcastic Rant

    May 15, 2012 by The Yum Yum

    Well, our awesome dog, Roast Beef, got hit by a car sometime in the night.

    It’s really sad to see a great pet such as he go.


    I named him a while back, but of course, everyone runs over my voice and opinions like a car ran over our dog last night, but whatever.


    This is part of what I call my yearly “Birthday Curse.” Since age 14, I’ve had something go awry around and for my birthday. I’ve come to accept that this will happen as a matter of fate and thought I was off the hook easy with just being sick on my birthday.


    But no, now my dog’s gone, and today, I’ve just generally been in a bitchy mood. Maybe this is what old age really does to people; it pushes you to the point where you get so fed up with stupidity and rudeness of other people that you’re ready to go off on someone and give them a piece of your mind.


    If you really think about it, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for those of us who still believe in etiquette to suffer fools- and that’s what so many people are, oxygen-processing units, rude idiots that somehow manage to keep themselves alive. I’ve not understand it, personally; I mean, how do some people actually not end up setting themselves on fire or drowning in fog or pissing off some typically polite person to the extent that the person then dresses up as the Red Queen and swings an axe the size of Jupiter to cut off their head and appendages while shrieking, “OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!”?


    I mean, seriously, why should I put up with people who have absolutely no regard for anyone but themselves? I have a limited amount of time in this life, and I’m not going to spend my Limited Supply doing Shit I Would Rather Not Do. This seems to be a big problem with people; they get wrapped up and roped into doing Shit They Would Rather Not Do instead of doing What They Were Born to Do.


    Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, maybe there’s just something in the air, or maybe I really am cranky now that I’m old.


    On a good note, Gigi made tuna salad today, and I still have some pasta salad leftover that I’m probably going to turn into macaroni and cheese. See, I made this blog about food after all!


    Get your nosh on!